Yarn Angels is a knitting and crocheting ministry that makes shawls for the homebound, those sick in hospital, and those in need of prayer. Shawls are also given as gestures of remembrance. Yarn Angels was started by Deacon Justine Guernsey in March 2005. As the shawls are made, the knitter/crocheter offers prayers for the person for whom the shawl is being made. The shawls are then blessed by a priest before they are given as gifts. Since its inception, Yarn Angels has produced: over 220 shawls; over 48 winter scarves for Choristers, the Music Director, and Organ Fellow; and 11 baby blankets. Anyone who can knit or crochet can be a Yarn Angel. The blessings of participation in this ministry are available to women, men, boys and girls.