12 May 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Cathedral will be closed from June 10th until September 7th, so that long-needed repairs to the nave floor can be completed. During this summer, there will be an early Mass on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am in St. Alban’s Chapel, entered directly from Elk Street.  No other doors will be open. Daily weekday service times will be as usual with services held in St. Alban’s Chapel.

Beginning Sunday, June 16th, through Sunday, September 1st, we will be sharing services with St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on State Street at 10:30 am.  The Dean will take turns with the clergy of St. Peter’s in preaching and presiding.  St. Peter’s has a volunteer choir and members of the Cathedral Congregation are welcome to participate.  Rehearsals are at 9:45 am on Sunday morning.  There is also child care and Sunday School available.

St. Peter’s has Sunday Morning Prayer twice a month.  On those Sundays, there will be a brief celebration of Holy Communion immediately after the end of the service of Morning Prayer.

There is parking for St. Peter’s on State Street, including in the median, as well as behind the Niagara Bank across from the church.

When attending St. Peter’s, all contributions that are not mailed to the Cathedral office need to be in pledge envelopes or in an envelope marked “The Cathedral of All Saints.”  Even if you don’t pledge, please use envelopes for your Sunday contribution, regardless of whether you are giving cash or a check. These envelopes will available on the tables near the west doors through June 9th, and they will be available at St. Peter’s during the summer.  There will also be a supply in the Cathedral office, and as always, you may donate online through the Cathedral website here.

I am sure that all of us will miss our Sunday morning worship routine and that we are already counting the days until we can be back in our beloved Cathedral with the renovation of the new floor completed.

I pray that God will use the summer to help us make new friends and to bless us in unexpected ways, as we join in worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ at St. Peter’s.

Pax et bonum,

The Very Reverend Dr. Leander S. Harding

Dean of The Cathedral of All Saints

Archdeacon of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany