Thank you for expressing interest in holding your wedding at The Cathedral of All Saints. It is our recommendation that you schedule an appointment with the Rev. Canon Robert F. Haskell, Cathedral Manager, in order to explore this possibility and to have all your questions answered.  Please contact Canon Haskell's secretary at (518) 465-1342 or email: Recognizing that some initial information is helpful, we provide the following to assist you in determining if you would like to continue to pursue using the Cathedral. The information is separated into two categories: Christian Marriage and Honoraria for a Cathedral Wedding.

Christian Marriage is a beautiful blessing from God. In The Episcopal Church, clergy are required to perform pre-marriage counseling with a couple in order to help them prepare for their new life together. At the Cathedral the counseling consists of six sessions with the Dean. The sessions are an opportunity to explore who you each are and what you each bring to the relationship. They are aimed at helping you to clearly understand Christian Marriage.

All wedding services at The Cathedral of All Saints follow the service in the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer. We would be happy to send you a copy of this service.

All wedding services at The Cathedral of All Saints must be in conformity with the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Canons of the Diocese of Albany.

Honoraria for a Cathedral Wedding: The Cathedral desires that fees or honoraria not be an impediment. We do request you consider the following honoraria for the people who will be providing their labors for your wedding.

Organist’s Fee: The Organist at the Cathedral is always offered the opportunity to play at weddings and typically requests $250.00. This fee includes the organist being at the rehearsal and the service, as well as practicing prior to the wedding.

Sexton’s Fee: Our Sexton is the person who will make sure the Cathedral is clean and ready to go for your wedding, and will clean up after. For these efforts we ask you consider an honorarium of $100.00.

Cathedral Fee: This fee covers the costs of insurance, heat in winter, and other items of building expense for which we request an honorarium of $500.

Choir: The Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys is a beautiful ministry with gifted and faithful choristers. The Choir may be available to sing at a wedding. There is a wide range of possibilities for the choir’s involvement and it is appropriate first to meet with The Cathedral Music Director and Dean in determining an honorarium.

Programs: If you would like a wedding program designed and printed, the Cathedral staff is able to assist. The cost for a typical 16 page program is $100.00 per 100 copies. Sample programs are available.

Checks can be mailed to the Cathedral prior to the service or brought to the rehearsal.

Credit cards are also accepted.

There is no fee for the Dean. Again our goal is that finances not be an impediment. The fees above are aimed at covering various costs. If these fees make it prohibitive, but your desire is to have your service at The Cathedral of All Saints, please discuss this situation with the Dean at your initial meeting, and know that the utmost discretion in this matter will be used.

God bless you as you embark on this exciting season of your life.