The Cathedral of All Saints was established as a dynamic Christian presence adjacent to the State Capital of New York. Our vision extends beyond the grounds of government buildings to the neighborhood of Arbor Hill and our neighbors in Haiti. Our well established Thrift Store, our leadership role in the Crop Walk, and our other service activities continue to focus our energies on a world in need.

Thrift Store Hours:

Thursdays, 9:00 am till 2:00 pm
Closed July and August.

Update from Pouly, Haiti

Dear Friends in Christ, 

 The Episcopal Church of the Ascension thanks the Cathedral for their faithful support of their school in Pouly, Haiti. For four years now we as the Cathedral family have maintained and supported a relationship with the Episcopal Churches in Haiti.  Our friends in the Church of the Ascension Pouly have an Episcopal school run by the church with 140 students.  Since we began this relationship, many children have graduated and new children have started school.  The school now has a canteen by which a hot meal is served every day, due in part to the faithfulness of the Cathedral's giving. We have been able to send $500 per month to pay for 10 teacher's salaries for the past 4 years. Each person receives a salary of $50 per month for their assistance at the school. There are four other churches in Haiti involved in this relationship and all are supported by churches in our diocese.  We have regular meetings to be updated on their progress and hopes for the schools. Recently our donations have dropped. I believe this is temporary due to the lack of awareness of the wonderful work that has been done thus far to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We need to raise monthly donations from $250 to $500 once again. We will be having a mission Sunday this Sunday and ask you to prayerfully consider a monthly donation to maintaining our mission. The school cannot function on less than $500 a month assistance.  Forms for donation will be available at the back of the church this Sunday and available at any time.

Once again many thanks for your prayers and gifts for our sister church,

Church of the Ascension

Pouly, Haiti