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Poetry Without Fear with Diane Cameron

Many of us were fearless poets as children—we enjoyed rhymes, made up limericks, and memorized famous lines of verse. Then, often in Junior High, a teacher scared us right out of poetry—or out of our public love of verse and creation.

But deep inside we live as poets every day—feeling feelings, thinking big ideas and attaching words that tell a tale.

Let’s take poetry back!

In this single class we’ll play with words again in a judgment free zone and experiment with free verse and some fancy forms.

Bring your love of language and your sense of humor—and a notebook or journal to capture our play.

Together, we will write poetry without fear.
Cost of the class is $15-. Email us to register.

Read an article by Diane Cameron.

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Diane Cameron is an award-winning writer and journalist. She writes about the history and politics of addiction and mental illness, and she is a columnist for the Albany Times Union and other newspapers across the United States. Diane is the author of three books: Out of the Woods—a guide to long-term recovery; Looking for Signs—a collection of essays, and Never Leave Your Dead, about military trauma.

Diane’s essays have received awards from the Bellevue Review and excerpts of, Never Leave Your Dead, were nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her TEDx talk is called, “Never Leave Your Dead—the Economics of Military Trauma.”

You may also know Diane as the Director of Development & Grants at Unity House in Troy. She has a long career in human services and she is an advocate for family caregivers, and people living in poverty.