At The Cathedral of All Saints, our mission is to help people fall in love with God. Like the cathedrals of old, we communicate Christian faith in and through the arts. We also support and encourage artists. In August of 2018 we formed a new initiative to support our mission: CATHEDRAL ARTS.

You can click here on EVENTS and on our CALENDAR to see upcoming happenings at the Cathedral.

One event that the Cathedral has hosted for many years is The First Friday Concert and Art Show for Albany City Schools. This event, as it has filled our interior with children and their music, art, and families, has inspired us to imagine other ways in which we can serve God and others through the arts. Therefore we are currently developing more CATHEDRAL ARTS programming.

Thank you, Albany City Schools, for having your First Friday Concert and Art Show at the Cathedral on December 7! Thanks also to our Dean, who gave tours to families by the high altar, and to our organist, William Douglas, who enthralled and surprised everyone with sounds from the organ. See photos below: